NewsHurricane Ingunn wreaks havoc in Norway: intense winds, heavy rainfall heighten red alerts

Hurricane Ingunn wreaks havoc in Norway: intense winds, heavy rainfall heighten red alerts

Orkan Ingunn
Orkan Ingunn
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8:22 AM EST, February 1, 2024, updated: 4:33 AM EST, March 7, 2024

On Wednesday, red danger warnings were declared for parts of Nordfjord, Møre and Romsdal, Trøndelag, and Helgeland. The wind will be most intense in the central-west districts, notably in the Trondheim area within a radius of several dozen kilometers to the south and west and over a somewhat larger area to its north.

In this region, the wind on the open Norwegian Sea is expected to locally exceed 124 miles per hour, and along the coast, wind gusts of around 93-118 miles per hour will likely sweep through.

The storm's center presently resides in the southern part of the Norwegian Sea and will be moving further northeast over the next few hours. Winds are predicted to gradually intensify along the coast, initially in Trøndelag, then moving further northwards into Nordland.

Unfortunately, the first damages have already been reported, primarily on the coast of Frøya.

The long-lasting, intense rainfall that Ingunn has been generating since Wednesday potentially induces flooding in low-lying areas near rivers, streams, and brooks. Cities, where the rain sewage systems aren't designed for heavy loads, are also vulnerable.

Areas situated below large bodies of water or rivers could experience violent floods. There are also warnings about dangerous landslides in hilly and mountainous areas, specifically where the ground has been drenched by torrential rains, and potential avalanches.

In the coming days, authorities may issue mandatory evacuation orders for areas at risk of flooding. Disruptions to electricity supplies and telecommunications services may occur.

The severe weather can result in delays and cancellations of flights in the affected regions. Flooding could also obstruct regional rail lines, as well as bridges and roads.

In a crisis management meeting at 9:00 PM on Wednesday (Eastern Time), the weather forecasts remained consistent with previous meetings. Hence, normal operations for schools, kindergartens, and day-care centers are anticipated for the foreseeable future, although they remain on high alert. The crisis management team is closely monitoring the situation and will implement necessary measures, as required.

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