NewsHunting Shadows. Ukrainians have been preparing for this action for 10 years

Hunting Shadows. Ukrainians have been preparing for this action for 10 years

Ukrainian services have undergone a great transformation, today they effectively fight against Russia and the enemies of the country.
Ukrainian services have undergone a great transformation, today they effectively fight against Russia and the enemies of the country.
Images source: © Telegram | SBU

7:44 PM EDT, October 24, 2023

The Ukrainian intelligence services have been hunting for Daria Dugina and Władlen Tatarski for a decade, who supported the aggressors' propaganda and who, like hundreds of people associated with Russia and active in Ukraine, have been eliminated. "The Washington Post" revealed the behind-the-scenes work of agents who are supposed to help Kyiv win the war against the invaders.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) for decades were infiltrated by agents of the FSB and GRU and were almost dependent on decisions made in Moscow. Everything changed in 2014 when Russia first threatened the independence of its neighbor. An extraordinary transformation began.

Now, at the cost of millions of dollars and with the support of CIA agents, SBU and HUR are to help Ukraine survive the ravages of war and bring Moscow to its knees. Agents from these units were behind the successful assassinations of Daria Dugina, the daughter of the father of Kremlin propaganda Aleksandr Dugin, and war blogger Vladlen Tatarsky.

Both of them were killed in attacks carried out by Ukrainians, as reported by "The Washington Post".

The attack on Daria Dugin, the daughter of the philosopher and nationalist Alexander Dugin, occurred on August 20, 2022. The well-known political commentator and propagandist was killed in the suburbs of Moscow when a hidden explosive charge detonated in the car she was traveling in. Dugin is the man who "reinvented" Russia in the 21st century.

His ideas and the concept of "Greater Russia" have helped push politicians and Vladimir Putin himself into a war that kills thousands of individuals daily. A war that shows no signs of ending.

War blogger and propagandist, Władlen Tatarski, was killed in Petersburg on April 2, 2023, Eastern Time. He was having coffee when a bomb installed on-site by agents exploded. Tatarski reported what was happening on the battlefield and embellished as best he could to showcase Russian successes on the front line.

Interestingly, he was from Ukraine, so his stance was perceived as treason. He was very popular in Russia, even fighting on the side of the separatists in Donetsk.

According to "The Washington Post", both attacks were carried out by the Ukrainian services, which were restructured after 2014 and changed to the Western style. Today, the CIA, which has invested millions in the SBU and HUR, looks on with pride at Ukrainian actions and secretly supports Kyiv. Experts say it's a transformation similar to the emergence of Mossad.

The scale of changes, including the arrests of those loyal to Russians and obedient to Moscow, was immense. Today, the SBU along with the HUR are eliminating collaborators, hunting down officers and soldiers from Russia, they even managed to hijack a Russian helicopter along with its crew, which switched sides to Kiev. These are not the only impressive actions of the Ukrainians during the war.

The SBU along with the HUR have thus far conducted dozens of murders of Russian officials in the occupied territories, Ukrainian collaborators, officers operating behind the front line, and prominent supporters of the conflict living deep in Russia. No one who has crossed the authorities in Kiev can sleep peacefully.

No traitor will escape punishment and everyone will be held accountable according to the law - announced its motto SBU.

As reported in "The Washington Post", the elements of the bomb used in the assassination attempt on Daria Dugina were transported to Russia, concealed in a cat cage, in a precisely cluttered car. The car was driven by an agent, and her 12-year-old daughter was traveling with her. After the assassination, both safely left Russia, crossing the border into Estonia.

A precise plot was also being set up against Vladlen Tatarski or other loyal propagandists to Vladimir Putin.

The Security Service of Ukraine prepared for successful operations for nearly ten years, obviously in close cooperation with the CIA. Since 2015, Americans have spent tens of millions of dollars to transform Ukrainian services and make them an ally in the battle against Russia.

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