NewsHungary stalls EU's 13th sanction package against Russia, reportedly due to Chinese interests

Hungary stalls EU's 13th sanction package against Russia, reportedly due to Chinese interests

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
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11:10 AM EST, February 15, 2024

The European Union aspires to roll out the thirteenth package of sanctions against Russia before February 24, which will mark the second anniversary of the Ukraine invasion, details the "Financial Times." This recent set of sanctions will likely encompass around 200 individuals and entities from Russia, China, and other countries suspected of alliance with Moscow.

With Viktor Orbán leading, Hungary single-handedly blockaded the discussed package on Wednesday. The Orbán administration has consistently slowed down or diluted the European Union's attempts to punish Russia and aid Ukraine.

One anonymous official, quoted by the British newspaper, disclosed that the Hungarian opposition to the new sanctions was provoked by proposed penalties targeted at the Chinese. "The Hungarians did not agree because of the Chinese companies," the source told. Another source described the blocking of the package as "a request by the Budapest ambassador for a bit more time to study the content of the proposal."

The intended thirteenth package of EU sanctions aimed to place restrictions on one Indian and three Chinese companies. "Financial Times" reminded that a comparable move was thwarted not by a solitary nation but by a group of member countries last year. Negotiations are set to resume, and officials have reported to the newspaper that a decision will likely be reached in the following week.

Source: Financial Times

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