NewsHungarian nationalist leader calls for end to Ukraine war, hints at potential annexation

Hungarian nationalist leader calls for end to Ukraine war, hints at potential annexation

Laszlo Toroczkai from the nationalist Hungarian party has plans for Ukraine.
Laszlo Toroczkai from the nationalist Hungarian party has plans for Ukraine.
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3:30 PM EST, January 28, 2024

Members of the Our Homeland (Mi Hazank) party gathered for an annual meeting in Budapest last Saturday.

Among them was party leader Laszlo Toroczkai, whose speech caught the international community off guard.

First, Toroczkai suggested that global financiers instigated the Ukraine war. According to him, their supposed pressures ignited the armed conflict.

Toroczkai argued that "Black Rock," the world's largest investment fund with assets over 10 trillion dollars, had bought out Ukraine. However, he did not clarify how war-stricken Ukraine would presumably 'pay off' these alleged investors.

The far-right politician pleaded in his speech for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and the commencement of peace talks. However, the remainder of his political intentions proved rather startling.

Should Ukraine collapse, the Hungarian politician declared that his party would "take responsibility for Zakarpattia" and consequently annex it.

Toroczkai also outlined Hungary's future course if his party comes into power.

He stated at the conference, "If we win, our duty is clear. We need to decide what to do with the European Union."

Toroczkai believes that the European Union's continued operation would be viable only with the cooperation of independent nation-states or he would prefer to disband it. He also made stern statements regarding immigration policy, stressing that "Europe is for Europeans. Hungary is for Hungarians."

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