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Humidity in the bathroom? Try this surprising bubble wrap solution

Water settling in the toilet tank can lead to the appearance of rust.
Water settling in the toilet tank can lead to the appearance of rust.
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8:09 AM EST, December 7, 2023

Humidity often accumulates in bathrooms, settling notably on toilets and flush handles. This can be somewhat irritating. However, there is a simple and surprisingly effective solution that could save you the time and effort of constantly having to wipe off these fixtures.

The bathroom is one room where, similar to the kitchen, steam is abundant, leading to typically high levels of humidity. This remains the case even with efficient ventilation. One consequence of this condition is the formation of water droplets on the toilet and flush handle. This can be problematic and uncomfortable, especially when you have guests over who wish to use the facilities.

This issue arises when the warm air inside the bathroom comes into contact with the cold water in the toilet bowl. If not addressed promptly, constant moisture can unfortunately lead to the growth of mold and rust on the flush handle. Fortunately, we have a straightforward solution to this pesky problem that could relieve you of the tedious task of constantly wiping off your toilet.

Simple solution for condensation

If you're tired of dealing with water condensation on your toilet and flush handle, there is an unusual but effective method you can try. Bubble wrap, commonly used for protection during transportation or shipping, can be used to insulate your toilet. Don't discard your bubble wrap; it may come in handy for this purpose.

Firstly, turn off the water supply in your bathroom and flush to drain any remaining water from your toilet. Proceed to disassemble the flushing mechanism and line its interior with bubble wrap. Secure it to the inner walls with silicone. Once dry, turn your water supply back on. The bubble wrap will now act as insulation, separating the toilet tank's water from the warm air in your bathroom.

Additional tips to remember

To further prevent humidity from lingering in your bathroom, it is beneficial to regularly check and possibly clean the ventilation grilles. If your bathroom has a window, remember to air it out frequently. Plants, such as ivy, are also very beneficial in combating humidity, due to their ability to absorb excess water.

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