EntertainmentHugh Grant unveils his struggle with fatherhood and film fatigue

Hugh Grant unveils his struggle with fatherhood and film fatigue

Hugh Grant has five children with two women.
Hugh Grant has five children with two women.
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7:19 PM EDT, May 12, 2024

Hugh Grant shared a long-term, informal relationship with Elizabeth Hurley, yet she isn't the mother to any of his five children. Known for his roles in romantic comedies, Grant has had his share of fidelity issues, a challenge Hurley faced during their time together.

Grant, typically private about his personal life, opened up while promoting his latest film, "Wonka." He expressed a certain fatigue, saying, "I'm not in the mood for laughter at all. Surrounded by children, I feel too old," at 63 during an interview.

"I somewhat despise making movies, but with so many children, I now need the money," he remarked with a mix of jest and earnestness. Grant fathers five children, the oldest nearing thirteen and the youngest just turning six in March. He shares them with two women and marries one of them.

Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley's journey began in theatre in 1987, enduring the ups and downs typical of any relationship, with Grant's 1995 arrest marking a significant low. He was apprehended with a sex worker in his car on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood.

Hugh Grant: 15 months, 2 women, 3 children

Despite the scandal, Hurley stood by him until their official split in 2000. A decade later, Tinglan Hong, another significant figure in Grant's life, gave birth to his first daughter in September 2011. The following year brought a son into the world with Swedish TV producer Anna Eberstein. Shortly after, Hong welcomed Grant's second son.

Grant eventually married Eberstein, with whom he had two more children in December 2015 and March 2018. Just two months after their latest child was born, the couple tied the knot. Grant later shared that his only regret about the marriage was not doing it sooner, indicative of his deep affection for Eberstein.

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