EntertainmentHuge backlash against renowned footballer for unexpected reason

Huge backlash against renowned footballer for unexpected reason

Alisha Lehmann before the match with Spain.
Alisha Lehmann before the match with Spain.
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5:04 PM EST, November 19, 2023

Alisha Lehmann, a household name in the world of football, boasts a following of millions on her social media platforms. Recently, the Swiss player has come under widespread attack online - with a specific element of her persona being the target.

Many fans consider Alisha Lehmann to be the most stunningly beautiful footballer in the world. With Aston Villa as her team, the Swiss player commands droves of 16 million followers on Instagram, her captivating beauty (and her football talents, needless to say) is credited for her popularity.

Lehmann's signature use of heavy makeup, which she conspicuously displays during club and international matches, is part of her identity. However, of late, the star's makeup has been the ground for mounting criticisms aimed at the Aston Villa athlete.

On October 31, during the Nations' League match, Switzerland lost to Spain with a 1:7 scoreline. According to the well-known British tabloid "The Sun," Lehmann faced a substantial backlash following the match because, in her usual manner, she had applied heavy makeup. Hostile comments flooded places like her Instagram post.

Lehmann, long accustomed to wearing heavy makeup, was indeed taken aback by the sudden wave of hate. The controversy over her makeup evolved into an international public discourse. Vicki Blomme, once a fellow footballer and now a presenter at Swedish television station TV4, staunchly defended Lehmann. Major UK media published quotes from Blomme's last weekend's argument.

Blomme paralleled Lehmann's makeup use with the grooming practices of male football superstars - David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Sure, she exploits her sexuality, but male players have done so often. Take David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo as examples. I believe makeup and grooming are viewed differently when a man does his hairstyle." Blomme contended.

Blomme argued that Lehmann's makeup bolsters the footballer's self-confidence. She insisted that Lehmann appearing on the pitch in heavy makeup is completely acceptable and fans should adapt to her style.

"Many might deem it vanity, but it also translates to a feeling - a sense of confidence and power. There's a deeper meaning. I see it as a good thing that we embrace our individuality and present ourselves as we prefer. It might divert some attention away from football, as was the case with Beckham, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with playing a match while wearing makeup. We need to cease condemning it." Blomme asserted.
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