LifestyleHow your mischievous cat might be trying to apologize you

How your mischievous cat might be trying to apologize you

How does a cat try to resolve conflict?
How does a cat try to resolve conflict?
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10:34 PM EST, January 19, 2024

Has your purring feline shattered your favorite vase, scratched your leather sofa, or damaged an expensive gadget? An apology would indeed be suitable. But, in the language of cats, an apology is not so straightforward. A cat is an individual who blazes its own trail. Perhaps he doesn't comprehend that he's done something wrong. However, he does know how to defuse tension and win over his owner. Hence, the cat's actions can be interpreted as an apology.

Waiting it out

If the cat notices the owner's anxious reaction, it usually steers clear of the "crime scene" and repositions itself to a safer area. Commonly, it hops onto a high shelf to scrutinize the situation from a higher standpoint and observe the aggravated caretaker. Once the initial emotions settle, the cat attempts to make peace, but not literally.

Drawing closer

When the small culprit senses the right moment, it tries to reconcile with the owner by showcasing a range of charming cat tricks. Big eyes gazing directly into human eyes, a purring symphony, cuddling, or kneading in the feline world is dedicated to lifting your spirit. And if that isn't sufficient to appease the owner? Then, the cat resorts to "plan B".

Presenting a gift

In human and feline cultures, a gift contributes immensely to resolving conflicts and burying the hatchet. Therefore, don't be taken aback if your pet, in a bid to apologize, leaves a quirky gift under the bed. To be more precise, a mouse, which, according to outdoor cats, is considered the most precious of treasures. For house cats, offering favorite toys to the owner can also be seen as a gesture of remorse.


Another method cats employ to apologize is flattery, in the most literal sense. When a cat licks your hands or other parts of the body, it shows tremendous affection towards you. After all these efforts and tender gestures, there is little chance that the owner will stay mad at their furry family member.

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