LifestyleHow to stay safe in luxury hotels: Tips to avoid theft

How to stay safe in luxury hotels: Tips to avoid theft

How to safely spend your stay in a hotel?
How to safely spend your stay in a hotel?
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12:34 PM EDT, June 10, 2024

When going on a well-deserved vacation, it's worth remembering that even in a luxury hotel, it's good to stay alert and take care of your safety. How can you prevent theft and enjoy a carefree stay? Here are some tips.

Undoubtedly, staying in a hotel is a pure pleasure. Soft beds, fluffy towels, and no need for cleaning are just some advantages. However, unpleasant situations like theft can occur even in the best hotels. Therefore, knowing a few simple tricks will help secure your belongings and ensure a worry-free vacation.

When you arrive at the hotel, carefully inspect your room to check for hidden cameras or suspicious items. Sometimes, dishonest employees hide small devices in pictures, figurines, or hooks to spy on guests.

Hotel safety

If you pack expensive jewelry, a large sum of money, or other valuable items for vacation, ensure a safe in your room. These are usually found in closets or dressers. It's good to store valuable items, documents, and cash in them. Also, don’t tempt a thief by leaving your phone, camera, or wallet open.

Be cautious of fake hotel staff, and do not open the door to anyone claiming to be a hotel employee without a reason for the visit. Generally, no staff member will disturb guests during their stay unless a problem with the room was reported beforehand. Ensure windows and doors are adequately secured and that no one except authorized personnel can enter your room during your absence. At night, roll down the window blinds.

Many interesting tips about what to do when entering a hotel room are available online. One flight attendant on TikTok explained that she always throws a plastic bottle under the bed to check if an uninvited guest is hiding there.

It’s also worth checking whether the room has two-way mirrors, which could be used for spying. You can draw a line on the mirror with a marker. If you see only one line, it might be a two-way mirror. In such a case, cover it with a towel and remove the marker traces with nail remover or alcohol.

Remember to bring a bandage

Another important thing is to secure the peephole in the hotel door by sticking a bandage or piece of paper over it. Although the peephole serves guests' convenience, it can also be used to check if someone is in the room, increasing the risk of theft or unwanted visits. By covering the peephole, you prevent prying eyes and protect your privacy.

Rooms often come with glasses. You can hang one on the door handle. If a thief tries to enter, the handle will move, and the glass will fall to the floor, shattering and potentially waking you up in the middle of the night and scaring off the thief.

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