LifestyleHow to sleep in airports? "I'm not proud of it"

How to sleep in airports? "I'm not proud of it"

She showed how to sleep at airports.
She showed how to sleep at airports.
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9:32 PM EDT, October 20, 2023

Traveler Sabina shared useful tips with her TikTok followers on how to sleep at airports. It's surprising what she used wired headphones for.

Sabina, known on social media as @girlvsglobe, embarked on a trip to Mexico a few days ago. One of her flights was delayed by as much as ten hours. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the woman recorded and published a short video on her social media, revealing tips that might be useful to anyone who wants to take a nap at the airport.

She shared advice

The clip posted by Sabina has been played by over 940 thousand users. - "I will show you how to sleep at airports," the woman says in the first few seconds of the video. According to the traveler, it is easier to find suitable sleeping spots behind security as there are considerably more benches and chairs to sit on.

Sabina admitted that comfortable clothing is important and showed what she was wearing. In addition to comfortable clothes, she also had a blanket that she could cover herself with. - I'm not proud of this, but I took the blanket from the plane - she said.

Luggage safety

According to a tourist, wired headphones can be useful at the airport. However, the woman didn't use them to listen to music, but in a more unconventional way. - It's essential to keep your luggage secure even when we're asleep and this is my solution - the woman stated, showing her way of securing a suitcase or bag. In her opinion, it's worthwhile to attach it to oneself, for example, using the cable from wired headphones.

- Definitely, if you're sleeping at the airport, I recommend staying near other people. It's always safer in groups - the woman added.

The places the influencer occupied were not ideal as they had armrests, however, the tourist showed a comfortable way to lie down even on such seats. Lying on your stomach, even armrests should not interfere.

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