LifestyleHow to revive wilting flowers: The viral Instagram trick

How to revive wilting flowers: The viral Instagram trick

How to revive wilting flowers?
How to revive wilting flowers?
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10:12 AM EDT, July 10, 2024

Do you have a bouquet of wilting flowers at home? Before you throw them away, try a trending trick on Instagram.

Is there anything more beautiful than a vase filled with fresh flowers? We can choose from many extraordinary species in the summer, such as gerberas, lilies, peonies, and roses. After bringing them home, you should put them in a vase filled with water as quickly as possible to prevent them from wilting.

Sometimes, flowers wilt after just a few days. Many factors can influence this, such as not changing the water often enough or high room temperature. However, you don't have to throw them away right away. If you want to restore their former appearance, be sure to try the increasingly popular Instagram trick.

Trim and place in boiling water. Flowers will revive before your eyes

Although fresh flowers are beautiful, they are not very durable. After a few days, the petals fall, and the stems wrinkle. This doesn't look very good. In such a situation, most of us throw them into the trash. There is a simple trick to extend the life of flowers, as demonstrated by Paulina Czajka, who publishes on Instagram as @paulina.czajka_.

How to do it: Bring water to a boil and then pour it into a cup. Meanwhile, take care of the flowers. Remove the dried-up leaves and trim the stem by about 1 inch. Place the prepared bouquet in the cup filled with hot water and put it in a well-lit area. After a few hours, the flowers will regain their former look.

Crumble and place in the vase. Flowers will last longer

Fresh flowers are kept in proper condition and appear for a week. There are several tricks to extend their freshness. Get some activated charcoal or aspirin. Add it to a vase filled with clean and cold water, then place the flowers in it.

Both preparations contain ingredients that inhibit bacterial growth, thus slowing down the plant's decomposition process. Remember to change the water regularly and keep the vase away from sunlight. Follow these rules, and the flowers will stay beautiful for up to two weeks.

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