LifestyleHow to know if he's the one? The expert advises to calculate it

How to know if he's the one? The expert advises to calculate it

How to find out if this is the one and only?
How to find out if this is the one and only?
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6:36 AM EDT, September 30, 2023, updated: 9:08 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

Sometimes we wonder if the person we're meeting is really the right choice. It turns out, there's a way to find out. A dating specialist revealed that all it takes is to use mathematics for this purpose.

Logan Ury is the director of relationship science at an American company creating a popular dating app. The woman admitted in one of her Instagram posts that mathematics works perfectly if we want to find out if our partner is meant for us. Her words may surprise.

"Math is the solution to finding love"

Logan Ury actively develops her Instagram account, where she currently has almost 90 thousand followers. Using this platform, she shares valuable advice about finding your other half with her viewers.

In one of the videos, the expert revealed that there is a way to ensure that the person we are meeting is definitely a good choice. After all, theoretically, we can never be sure that we made the right decision.

However, it turns out that mathematics comes to the rescue. Ury decided to use an example: "Imagine that you're hiring a secretary. You have 100 candidates and you have to evaluate each one individually. After each person, you have to say: yes or no. You can't go back. At what point do you hire someone?".

The woman admitted that in such a case, it is worth using statistics. The specialist advises to focus on 37% of surveyed individuals, to be able to determine who best meets our requirements. Knowing that, the rest should not matter much to us. In Ury's opinion, we should choose a lifetime partner in the same way.

"If you've been with many people, consider who your ideal person is. The next time you find someone you like as much or more, give yourself to that person" - Logan Ury said.

Fans appreciated the advice of the dating expert

Logan Ury's video has been viewed over 168 thousand times so far. However, it turns out that many people have criticized the expert's theory.

"You cannot determine what 37% is in dating, because you can't know how many people you will date throughout your life"
"It's a terrible analogy, because there's one, huge difference between hiring and dating: in the first case, it's about a transactional relationship, which usually doesn't even involve getting to know the person who has the qualifications suitable for the task. This means that I don't know you, but dating should be about feelings, it's clearly an old and forgotten concept"

Observers of the woman did not hide that it would be difficult to implement her proposal in life. However, there was someone for whom mathematics actually helped in finding his other half.

"(...) I love applying mathematical proofs in dating. In fact, I carefully thought out this algorithm when I met my current wife!" - wrote one of the woman's fans.
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