FoodHow to ensure your green beans stay firm and nutritious

How to ensure your green beans stay firm and nutritious

How long to cook green beans?
How long to cook green beans?
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7:41 PM EDT, June 7, 2024

The season for green beans is slowly starting. This vegetable is suitable for many dishes, but usually, we prepare it as simply as possible for the first time in the season. We want to enjoy the pure taste of green beans, so we cook them in water. But how can we cook them to remain firm and not lose their nutritional value? Here are some tips.

Are you planning to buy green beans for the weekend? At the market, choose pods that are intensely colored and without visible seeds or spots. They should not be dried out, either. Firm pods are already half the success.

Many advantages

The green bean season is worth starting as soon as possible. It is not very long, and it’s truly a valuable vegetable. First of all, it’s about the protein. The pods contain plenty of folic acid and vitamins. Furthermore, green beans have few calories and a lot of fiber, so they are perfect for light meals, especially salads. If you do not add high-calorie toppings, you could say they are conducive to weight loss. Such a dish is green beans cooked in water.

At the start of the season

Before the green beans end up in the pot, they must be prepared. Start by trimming the ends and rinsing the pods. Then, cover them with cold water. It’s worth adding salt and sugar to the water, as this will balance the taste of the beans. But how long should you cook the beans? There is no straightforward answer. Yellow beans cook for 5 to 12 minutes, while green beans cook for 10 to 20 minutes when the water starts boiling. The younger the beans, the faster they are ready. Therefore, you have to keep an eye on them. Snacking directly from the pot is the best. Well-cooked beans do not need many toppings. They taste great simply with butter and breadcrumbs or after cooling in salads because they pair perfectly with other seasonal vegetables.

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