FoodHow to cook perfect hard-boiled eggs without cracks and easy peeling

How to cook perfect hard-boiled eggs without cracks and easy peeling

Perfectly cooked eggs are not difficult.
Perfectly cooked eggs are not difficult.
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5:32 PM EDT, May 23, 2024

How do you cook hard-boiled eggs so they don't crack and peel easily? It's possible, but you need to remember a few rules.

Some people believe that to cook eggs perfectly, you only need to watch the time. Time is crucial, but a few more tricks are worth knowing. Firstly, it's best to take the eggs out of the fridge at least an hour beforehand to let them reach room temperature. Cracking occurs due to the significant temperature difference when eggs go from a cold fridge to warm water. Also, placing them in cold water is better, as this makes the process easier to control.

Special additives

Add a tablespoon of table salt to the water if you want beautifully looking-eggs. This well-known method prevents the shell from cracking and makes peeling the eggs much more accessible. Instead of salt, you can add lemon juice or white vinegar to the water to achieve a similar effect. Just a teaspoon per egg is enough. You can also try another method: lightly pierce the rounded end of the egg with a pin or needle. This area contains an air pocket, and piercing it reduces the pressure under the shell, which prevents cracking during cooking.

Timing is key

Hard-boiled eggs should have the perfect consistency. Here, time is crucial, as well as the correct cooking utensil. The eggs should fit comfortably next to each other in the pot. For a more significant number of eggs, wide saucepans are best. Pour water into the pot, add your chosen additives, and carefully place the eggs. Cook them on a medium-heated burner. Once the water reaches a boil, it needs no more than 10 minutes or will crack. Cook small eggs for up to 8 minutes, medium ones for up to 9 minutes, and large ones for up to 10 minutes. And these are all the secrets to perfectly cooked eggs.

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