FoodHow to Combat Overindulgence with Nature's Remedies

How to Combat Overindulgence with Nature's Remedies

After a heavy meal, brew some black tea.
After a heavy meal, brew some black tea.
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5:54 PM EDT, April 10, 2024

During holidays, we often indulge in larger and richer meals than usual. Easter, for instance, starts right off with a hearty breakfast. From the early hours, the food is not only abundant but also laden with fats. A typical meal might include a salad drenched in mayonnaise, white sausage, ham, deviled eggs, and a slice of cheesecake or yeast cake. With such tempting options, overeating is hardly a challenge.

However, overeating comes with its downsides. It leaves the stomach feeling bloated and painful, and often, we feel lethargic and troubled by heartburn. Although we know how to avoid these discomforts, they seem inevitable during the festive seasons. Easter dishes, rich in fats, are notoriously difficult to digest. Thankfully, you don't necessarily have to turn to digestion aid pills for relief. There are several effective home remedies available. Alongside infusions and herbal teas, a simple walk can make a significant difference. While it might not burn off many calories, it aids digestion and helps quickly stabilize blood sugar levels through oxygenation.

Naturally Herbs

Herbal infusions are among the best remedies for improving digestion. With a variety available, mint takes the lead by enhancing the secretion of gastric juice and bile, thereby easing stomach pains. It can be consumed as an infusion or added to salads or desserts with fresh leaves. Milk thistle infusion is also beneficial, as it boosts the secretion of digestive juices and supports liver function.

Artichoke extract offers similar benefits. Chamomile effectively relieves post-meal bloating, especially after a fatty meal. Even if you don't have ready-made herbal teas, there's a good chance marjoram is in your kitchen. It is typically used to season sour rye soup. Brewing three teaspoons in a cup of boiling water and drinking it after fifteen minutes can significantly improve digestion. Ginger, whether fresh or powdered, makes for another excellent infusion that warms the stomach and accelerates metabolism.

Simply Tea

It's easy to overlook the health benefits of tea in our daily lives. A cup of hot black tea not only warms the body but also stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, aiding in the quicker digestion of fats. When dealing with a bloated stomach, green tea can provide relief. Additionally, red tea supports liver function. With such a vast selection, you have plenty of choices. However, remember to skip adding sugar.

Something Stronger

If herbs or tea don’t appeal to you, there's an alternative to counteract the effects of heavy meals. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water can be sweetened with a bit of honey for taste. For those seeking a more potent remedy, a small vodka with added pepper can stimulate intestinal circulation and enhance digestion. This method may not be for everyone, but it’s known to alleviate discomfort quickly and make you feel lighter in times of overindulgence.

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