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How to begin practicing yoga and meditation

How to start practicing yoga and meditating?
How to start practicing yoga and meditating?
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7:15 PM EST, November 21, 2023, updated: 9:05 AM EST, November 22, 2023

The practice of yoga doesn't need to be demanding or difficult. If you're looking to start practicing yoga, a good starting point will be focusing on mastering basic positions known as asanas. The key take-home here is that learning them incorrectly establishes a robust foundation for future practice. But how does one kickstart their yoga journey?

The early days of yoga

Embarking on your yoga journey may initially prove challenging, given that the exercises performed require significant effort. It's worth remembering that Rome wasn't built in a day - mastering some positions may take years of practice.

Understanding this initially serves as an invitation to arm yourself with patience. Persistence and regularity pave the way to mental, spiritual, and physical fitness.

How to embark on your yoga journey

The start may vary for different people, largely depending on the level at which you start - whether you've previously trained, whether you're physically active, your body's flexibility and any previous injuries.

Some people prefer practicing yoga privately, others thrive in the group setting, often opting for organized classes led by a qualified teacher.

This latter approach tends to be safer, as an experienced teacher can readily identify our capabilities and guide us in performing the asanas correctly, while customizing them to fit our abilities.

Yoga for beginners and the benefits of practice

The practice of yoga comes with numerous benefits for both the body and soul. It provides relaxation, relief and tranquility. It helps in settling down, controlling a flurry of thoughts. Yoga can be practiced at any time of day.

Practicing yoga in the morning can help clear the mind, and mentally prepare for an intensive day packed with numerous plans and responsibilities. Communication to the reader here that practicing yoga in the evening can help calm down, relax, and provides distance from the day's events.

Yoga involves concentration, and the ability to focus on the present moment is currently one of the most coveted skills. Studies have found that, contrary to previous beliefs, multitasking is actually ineffective.

We mustn't overlook the physical benefits that accompany yoga practice. Regularly practicing yoga aids in strengthening the body and improving physique.

Regular yoga practitioners often boast not merely slim but robust and well-defined bodies, that are flexible and well-stretched.

Yoga positions

Yoga is rooted in characteristic positions, referred to as asanas. Individual asanas can be customized to suit the skill level of each practitioner.

Beginners typically start with less intense positions to familiarize themselves with the technique and prevent injury. The basic asanas include the mountain pose (Tadasana), the raised arms pose (Urdhva Hastasana), the happy child pose (Ananda Balasana), plank, downward-facing dog, deep forward bend (Uttanasana), and seated forward bend (Paschimottanasana).

Spine-focused yoga

Yoga focused on the spine presents numerous benefits. Chief among these include improved mobility, increased strength in the muscles that move and stabilize the spine, and reduced muscle tension.

Spine-focused yoga is especially beneficial to individuals who experience back problems, or simply wish to strengthen their spine. In this case, the focus lies on selecting appropriate positions, as not all asanas are suitable for individuals with spine-related issues.

Couples' yoga

Couples' yoga principally serves as a fantastic way to strengthen your relationship. A shared passion, performing exercises together and spending quality time together can foster stronger bonds.

At the same time, such exercises improve physical fitness, boosting muscle strength and positively impacting mobility. Additionally, the asanas, which are practiced in pairs, are quite original and intriguing.

Beautiful Yoga

Beautiful Yoga is a workout regimen from Japan, aimed at naturally rejuvenating the face - without resorting to botox or fillers.

It adopts a holistic approach to the entire body, merging elements of facial exercises with the appropriate body foundation. Breathing plays a crucial role in this case, as does diet.

This method boosts awareness of facial expressions, ultimately leading to the reduction of wrinkles, elimination of the double chin, and even facial sculpting, such as accentuating the cheekbones to some extent.

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