EntertainmentHow 'The Sims 4' became a game-changer for one student's college dreams

How 'The Sims 4' became a game-changer for one student's college dreams

She got into the course of her dreams. She owes her success to The Sims.
She got into the course of her dreams. She owes her success to The Sims.
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7:49 AM EDT, May 1, 2024

A TikTok user shared that she had been accepted into college, crediting her success to long hours spent playing "The Sims 4."

The "The Sims" series games have become legendary, captivating the young and the old alike. They foster a vibrant and active community where players of various ages partake, some of whom have been fans longer than the newest gamers have been alive.

Far from being a mere pastime, playing The Sims offers a depth that might not be immediately evident. For instance, its turn-based gameplay allows players to meticulously plan the development of an entire town and weave intricate stories across generations. Meanwhile, the advanced building mode provides the tools to construct elaborate structures that could grace the pages of architecture magazines.

For TikToker Arwensofia, the time invested in the game proved incredibly rewarding. The houses and apartments she designed in-game played a crucial role in her admission to her dream college program.

"It's unbelievable." How "The Sims" became her college entry ticket

The TikToker shared a video explaining that her university application required a portfolio submission. Lacking a formal portfolio at the time, she was initially panicked but ultimately decided to submit screenshots of her virtual architectural designs from "The Sims 4".

While some commenters have expressed skepticism, accusing the girl of fabricating her story, others have shared their own experiences of architectural exploration within The Sims. One individual highlighted how building in the game was an eye-opening moment for aspiring architecture or design students, with others noting their use of the game for professional projects in their studies.

To validate her claim, Arwensofia presented an email from the university alongside her recruitment results, demonstrating that her portfolio submission, while unconventional, was indeed a significant step towards her acceptance.

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