NewsHow much does Europe really spend on the military?

How much does Europe really spend on the military?

Donald Trump, likely rival of Joe Biden in the November presidential elections
Donald Trump, likely rival of Joe Biden in the November presidential elections
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8:33 AM EST, February 11, 2024

At a rally in South Carolina on Saturday, potential presidential candidate Donald Trump recounted a conversation with a NATO country leader. However, he did not disclose whom he was referring to.

The Controversy Surrounding Trump's Remarks

A president of a large country asked me: 'Sir, if we don't contribute and Russia attacks us, would you defend us?' to this, I responded: 'No, I won't protect you. In fact, I would endorse Russia doing as they wish with you. You need to contribute, " Trump claimed.

These remarks incited a flurry of comments.

Defense Spending in Europe is Increasing

In 2022, defense expenditure in Europe escalated by 13 percent, the most significant increase since the end of the Cold War, according to a Stockholm Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) report. During this period, Poland amplified its military funding by 11 percent and ranked among the front-runners alongside Finland, Lithuania, and Sweden.

Finland, which prepared to join NATO in 2022 and became a member at the start of April 2023, leads the chart of European nations. This country surged its military budget by 36 percent - the most significant hike since 1962. Lithuania came second with an augmentation of 27 percent, followed by Sweden with a 12 percent surge. With an 11 percent increase in its defense budget, Poland is fourth in Europe in this aspect.

Globally, the militaristic expenditure of Central and Western Europe in 2022 amounted to 345 billion dollars, marking a 30 percent increase from the figure of 2013.

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