LifestyleHow damp wipes can rid your laundry of stubborn pet fur

How damp wipes can rid your laundry of stubborn pet fur

What should I do to prevent towels from smelling after washing?
What should I do to prevent towels from smelling after washing?
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5:12 PM EST, January 20, 2024

Animal fur tends to gather on upholstered furniture, carpets, bedding, clothing, and flooring. During the shedding period, fur gets everywhere, proving particularly stubborn to remove from clothes. Washing, unfortunately, tends to exacerbate the issue as the fur spreads throughout the washing machine. Freshly washed clothes often emerge from the machine, still covered in fur. Additionally, excessive fur may clog the machine's filter.

Offering a simple solution to fur in the washing machine

Fortunately, there's a clever trick to tackle this problem. Damp wipes are the solution. Simply toss them into the washing machine drum for fur-free clothes. These wipes collect fur from clothes during the wash cycle. Remember not to use more than three wipes at once, and for maximum effect, only half-fill the washer with dirty clothes.

When doing the laundry, don't skimp on fabric softener. It helps to soften the fabrics and the fur, allowing the fur to attach more easily to the wipes. Discard the wipes right after the wash cycle; they are not suitable for reuse. Damp wipes are readily available in most stores, though the cheapest can usually be found in supermarkets and drugstores. Pay attention to the thickness of the wipes - the thicker they are, the more fur they can collect.

In addition to detergent, adding a bit of citric acid mixed with water could prove beneficial. A tablespoon of acid mixed with a cup of water is sufficient. The acid softens the fabric and produces an antistatic effect, reducing the fur's tendency to stick to clothes or bedding. Grooming your pets outdoors or on a balcony regularly can also help in curbing the problem by reducing the amount of fur floating inside your house.

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