NewsHow are Russians fueling their soldiers? Prisoners reveal the secret

How are Russians fueling their soldiers? Prisoners reveal the secret

The Russian prisoners revealed that soldiers are given drugs before a battle.
The Russian prisoners revealed that soldiers are given drugs before a battle.
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6:06 PM EST, December 11, 2023

Russian commanders are doing their utmost to instill a fighting spirit within their ranks and enhance their soldiers' frontline performance. Near Avdiivka, where a furious battle has raged on for several weeks, Ukrainian partisans have taken prisoners. These prisoners have divulged startling details about what is occurring in the enemy camp. It must be emphasized that the tactics used by the Russians are not only shocking but also deplorable.

The struggle for Avdiivka – the sole city in the Donetsk region under control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces – has been persistent for many weeks. The Russians have launched attacks from the north and south, aiming to encircle the city, but they have only managed to capture around 1.24 miles of land, undergoing heavy losses in the process. The Ukrainians remain resolute, striking against the enemy's rear and warding off their relentless attacks.

Partisans fighting for a free Ukraine have captured the surviving Russian troops after another futile onslaught. The Russian commanders still send their conscripted soldiers to their demise daily in Avdiivka, a course of action that the occupiers persistently follow. As it turns out, they have turned to additional measures to "boost" their troops.

Putin's soldiers are sent into the battlefield heavily under the influence of drugs.

The Russian occupiers continue to suffer massive losses in both manpower and equipment. Avdiivka, like Bachmut a year prior, has become a slaughter place for the Russian army. These further losses are decreasing their will to fight and their interest to take over the city. In Moscow, any news of these issues is not welcomed; their offensive is to continue until Avdiivka is defeated.

So far, the Russian command has achieved one effect: their people are utterly fed up.

That's why it was decided to pump the soldiers full of drugs. Thanks to these substances, they are anticipated to attack even more ferociously, show no fear of death, and die for 'Mother Russia' with a grin on their faces. This is what Vladimir Putin desires, this is what his generals expect. Hence, the invaders carry on the fight under the influence, thus becoming even more demoralized.

Partisans have captured soldiers who somehow survived the "meat grinder" and revealed the grim reality behind the scenes. These practices are scandalous, reminiscent of the Third Reich, the Soviet Union, or the US army, which was defeated in Vietnam. The Russian command once repressed cases of alcoholism or drug addiction.

However, the tide has turned, and it now willingly supports such behaviors and supplies the soldiers.

Soldiers, mostly treated as expendable "volunteers" by the generals, are expected to execute illogical attacks, weaken the Ukrainian city defenders, and perish in the offensive. The fact of the matter is that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have a clear message for the enemy: they will be eliminated, whether under the influence or not.

Many soldiers have had enough, with some murmuring of rebellion, and these would-be mutineers are closely watched by special units, which lead their fellows into the attack under threat of bayonets. "The truth is, they have no regard for your life" - the Ukrainian Armed Forces tell the prisoners. To Putin and his circle, human life, including that of Russians, holds no value. Only power is important.

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