LifestyleHouseplants that fight bathroom mold: Top choices revealed

Houseplants that fight bathroom mold: Top choices revealed

What flowers are worth having in the bathroom?
What flowers are worth having in the bathroom?
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5:19 PM EDT, June 22, 2024

Houseplants are undoubtedly excellent decorative elements. They can improve mood and purify the air of toxins. Some can even absorb moisture. Which plants are amazing at combating mold? It's worth placing them in the bathroom; you will be delighted.

Warmth combined with moisture is ideal for mold to appear in the bathroom. Fortunately, there are ways to combat mold effectively. It is enough to reach for the right houseplants.

What is worth placing in the bathroom? The service suggests that ferns are an excellent choice. Their small leaves perfectly absorb all toxins, including molds.

Ferns feel great indoors, so they will work well in rooms without windows.

It's also worth considering ivy. A potent air purifier can capture up to 80 percent of fungi floating in the air. Ivy thrives when it has access to light, so if you have a window, place it on the windowsill. The peace lily is also noteworthy in the context of fighting mold.

It not only deals well with airborne mold but also eliminates unpleasant odors. It does not require frequent watering or much sunlight, explains Kobieta.

How to care for plants in the bathroom?

How to handle plants placed in the bathroom?


  • Place pots away from detergents that can harm plants and lead to their decay.
  • Despite the high humidity in the bathroom, regular watering of flowers is essential.
  • You do not need to spray the leaves, as they will be moisturized during showers or baths.
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