Entertainment"House of the Dragon" shocks fans with explicit third-episode scene

"House of the Dragon" shocks fans with explicit third-episode scene

Ewan Mitchell in "House of the Dragon"
Ewan Mitchell in "House of the Dragon"
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Karolina Grabińska

10:01 AM EDT, July 2, 2024

Violence and sex are almost trademarks of "Game of Thrones" and its prequel hit, "House of the Dragon." Despite numerous nude scenes, the creators can still surprise viewers. This was evident in the second season's third episode, where fans were astonished by the content shown.

The second season of "House of the Dragon" was one of the most anticipated productions of 2024. The series premiered shortly after HBO MAX transformed into Max. From the first episode, the creators signaled the show's brutality and bloodiness, in line with the "Game of Thrones" universe, by including a scene of a small child being murdered. There were also intimate scenes, but they were less daring than those in the third episode.

What was shown in the 3rd episode of "House of the Dragon"?

If you haven't reached the latest episode yet, be cautious, as there will be a few spoilers.

In the third episode, the conflict between the Blacks and the Greens remains a dominant theme, with war looming. However, King Aegon is undeterred from indulging in alcohol and visiting brothels.

Aegon takes his loyal soldiers to a place of pleasure, searching for a specific lady of the night. He pulls back several curtains to find her, revealing courtesans and their clients nearby. At one point, when another curtain is drawn back, viewers are presented with a close-up of oral sex prominently displayed.

This scene caused a storm of comments. "I expected sex, but not this. This series never ceases to amaze me," "I'm surprised they managed to air this," "Wow, this episode had everything! The strangest sex act I've ever seen," wrote shocked viewers.

But that's not all! A few minutes later, Aegon finds what, or rather who, he was looking for. However, the woman is not alone. She is accompanied by the king's brother, Aemond, who is completely naked without his characteristic eye patch. Without giving too much away, we'll say that at one point, he stands up and exposes himself in full view.

"Such scenes start with a conversation about how far you are willing to go. It was not a choice we made lightly. But the truth is, Aemond shocks the audience. Weakness is not part of Aemond's vocabulary," said Ewan Mitchell, who plays the bold scene.

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