LifestyleHot bedding trend picks up: People save money by sharing beds with strangers

Hot bedding trend picks up: People save money by sharing beds with strangers

Monique Jeremiah decided to do hot bedding.
Monique Jeremiah decided to do hot bedding.
Images source: © Instagram | monique.jeremiah.australia

5:01 AM EST, January 20, 2024

Are apartment rentals losing popularity? An increasing number of people, particularly young individuals, face financial struggles. As a last resort, they choose hot bedding, allowing them to save substantial money by sharing a bed with another person.

Among them are students, like a 19-year-old from India who moved to Australia and had difficulty managing her finances. She now shares a bed with a stranger.

Sharing a bed with a stranger

Hot bedding is a somewhat controversial trend. However, many people have managed to escape difficult financial situations thanks to it. One such person is a 19-year-old student from India who told SBS News that after moving to Australia, she faced financial challenges. After initially renting a room, she decided to try hot bedding.

The room's rent of around 550 dollars per month is now shared with a stranger who drives trucks for a living. He uses the bed during the day, and she uses it at night.

"When he is not at work, I retreat to the closet. There's a small space for a mattress where I sleep," she told SBS News.

Renting out one side of the bed

During the pandemic, 36-year-old Australian Monique Jeremiah found herself in a dire financial situation due to her job. Surprisingly, she rented out one side of her bed to her ex-boyfriend to afford her home and lifestyle.

"I swallowed my pride, contacted my ex-partner whom I hadn't spoken to in a year, and asked: 'Do you want to survive Covid together?' Much to my surprise, he replied: 'Yes'," she recounted.

Monique used to charge her ex-boyfriend 160 dollars weekly or 640 dollars monthly. However, with rising prices, she plans to increase the rent for her side of the bed.

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