NewsHorror on the streets of Israel. Civilians murdered. Bodies on the streets

Horror on the streets of Israel. Civilians murdered. Bodies on the streets

Attack on Israel
Attack on Israel
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12:45 PM EDT, October 7, 2023

Israel was brutally attacked by Hamas today. Horrifying scenes are unfolding on the streets. As reported by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, terrorists are going from door to door, massacring innocent civilians. In the southern part of the country, bodies lie in the streets as a result of the attack.

"Hamas militants are going door to door murdering innocent civilians, some images are too brutal to publish," the Israeli Foreign Ministry stated on Saturday. A mass attack from Hamas on Israel has been underway since early morning.

"Earlier this morning, armed Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israeli communities and began going from house to house, murdering innocent Israelis," reads the statement quoted by Sky News.

"Some images are so disturbing that we can't even share them," the statement further reads.

"We will take all measures to protect our citizens and strike those who harm them," the statement concludes.

Attack on Israel. Bodies lie in the streets

On the streets of the city of Sderot in the Israeli Southern District, bodies lie as a result of a Hamas attack, these are scenes difficult to describe - reports a reporter of Channel 12. The mayor of the city announced that his city is still under attack.

Mayor Alon Davidi appealed to the residents, asking them not to open doors to anyone, to stay in their houses and close the windows. "We are still searching the area," he added.

According to him, the nation of Israel has still "not seen" what has happened in his city. He added that there were "inhuman acts" committed against innocent people. He emphasized that the scale of the attacks is still unknown.

A reporter from Channel 12 television reported that many bodies lay in the streets, "the scenes are hard to describe". The journalist claims that these people did not die as a result of rocket attacks, but from the bullets of Hamas fighters who had entered the city.

The Hamas attack on Israel began around 12:30 AM Eastern Time. Militants penetrated many southern cities of the country. Israel was also attacked by thousands of rockets. The number of victims and wounded continues to grow.

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