NewsHorned vipers spotted near Croatian school sparks safety alert

Horned vipers spotted near Croatian school sparks safety alert

Nose-horned vipers observed in Croatia
Nose-horned vipers observed in Croatia
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4:14 PM EDT, June 12, 2024

Disturbing reports have emerged from Croatia. According to the Dnevnik portal, two horned vipers were spotted in Zadar in a single day. These snakes are considered the most dangerous among all European vipers due to their impressive size, long fangs, and exceptionally toxic venom.

Children playing near their school spotted the snakes. Thanks to the appropriate services' immediate response and quick intervention, a potential tragedy was averted. Croatian media has widely publicized this incident.

Romeo Pestić, a local "snake hunter" interviewed by Dnevnik, noted that he has been dealing with these reptiles for fifty years. However, he has never encountered a situation where vipers appeared so close to urban, built-up, and busy areas.

How did the snakes end up in the city?

According to Pestić, "the snakes could have gotten into the city in boxes of fruits or vegetables that were being transported to stores." He emphasized that when encountering a viper, the most important thing is to move away from it and call for help immediately. "Never attempt to touch this animal yourself," he warned.

The Embassy also noted the risks of spiders, including the black widow, ticks, and some dangerous creatures living in the Adriatic.

Croatian media reported on the capture near Rovinj of the world's most poisonous fish - the silver toadfish in May.

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