FoodHomemade XXL burger: A fast food favorite reimagined

Homemade XXL burger: A fast food favorite reimagined

The burger in its new edition has that "something special."
The burger in its new edition has that "something special."
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9:01 AM EDT, June 4, 2024

Do you occasionally like to go wild and prepare a homemade version of popular fast food? If so, our latest recipe for an original burger was created with you in mind.

Each of us occasionally craves something different. And recipes for homemade fast food work great in such cases. Nuggets in crispy breading, fries with various toppings, chicken wings in a brilliant marinade, iconic pizza, or maybe a tortilla filled to the brim with colorful ingredients?

There are plenty of interesting ideas. And today, another wonderful culinary gem will join this group. It will be an amazing XXL burger, baked with many toppings in buttery buns. You haven't tested such a combination yet, so don't delay too long and prepare a tasty meal today. You won't regret it, and your loved ones will immediately ask for seconds.

Homemade burger baked in buttery buns tastes great and impresses with its interesting appearance. It's simply impossible to take your eyes off it


  • 1.8 lbs of ground beef
  • 1.5 tablespoons of sweet paprika
  • 1.5 teaspoons of dried garlic
  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of pepper
  • 2 beaten eggs
  • 1/3 cup of finely chopped parsley
  • 10 buttery buns
  • 5.6 oz of BBQ sauce
  • 8.5 oz of shredded cheddar
  • 3 pickles
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 red onion


Step 1. Begin by preparing the ground beef. Divide it into smaller pieces, then grind it using a meat grinder.

Step 2. Next, transfer the ground beef to a heated pan and fry it for a few minutes. Season the meat with salt, pepper, sweet paprika, and dried garlic.

First, I prepare the beef
First, I prepare the beef© Licensor | Pyszności

Step 3. While the beef is cooking, prepare a mixture for dipping the buttery buns. Combine beaten eggs with finely chopped parsley. Dip the buns in the egg mixture, then arrange them in a baking dish to form the first layer of the dish.

The recipe will include aromatic spices.
The recipe will include aromatic spices.© Licensor | Pyszności

Step 4. Pour half of the BBQ sauce directly onto the buns. Layer the mixture of ground beef and grated cheddar on top.

Each roll goes into the egg mixture.
Each roll goes into the egg mixture.© Licensor | Pyszności

Step 5. On the second layer of cheddar, sprinkle sliced pickles, pieces of tomato, and finely chopped red onion.

Step 6. Pour the remaining BBQ sauce over everything and top with the buttery buns. Secure the assembly with another dish, then place it into a preheated oven. Bake at 392 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes.

It's time to combine all the intermediate products.
It's time to combine all the intermediate products.© Licensor | Pyszności

Step 7. Once baked, cut the dish into smaller pieces and serve warm with your favorite sauce. And that's it— enjoy!

I do not forget about vegetable additions at the same time.
I do not forget about vegetable additions at the same time.© Licensor | Pyszności
Just one more short visit to the oven.
Just one more short visit to the oven.© Licensor | Pyszności
Finger-licking good!
Finger-licking good!© Licensor | Pyszności
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