Tips&TricksHollywood's top nail stylist ushers in monochromatic French: The chic, new festive trend

Hollywood's top nail stylist ushers in monochromatic French: The chic, new festive trend

Nails for the holidays don't have to be boring.
Nails for the holidays don't have to be boring.
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6:32 AM EST, December 21, 2023

The hands are beautified by well-kept nails. This is why beauty salons witness a surge in visits during the Christmas season. We all want gorgeous, long nails. Classic red or intense green seem to be the preferred choices for most.

Are you seeking a simple yet elegant style? Famed Hollywood nail stylist Tom Bachik, who works with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, and Camila Cabello, revealed this year's most fashionable style. It's an eternal classic, suitable for any occasion.

Revamping the Classic with Monochromatic French

The French manicure is an undying classic. The nail plate is painted with a soft, semi-transparent pink polish, and a white one is applied at the tips. The French style dominated in the 90s, but soon gave way to more outlandish stylings. For the past few years, it has been making a comeback, albeit in a slightly different form than before.

Highly regarded Hollywood nail stylist Tom Bachik, who works with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, and Margot Robbie on a daily basis, shares the styles he's created on Instagram. In one of his recent posts, he introduced a modified version of the French manicure, which could become the top trend of the coming year.

Enter monochromatic French manicure. The nail plate is painted in a color of your choice, with the tip finished in a slightly darker shade, similar to the one on the plate. It's an ultra-chic style, suitable for any occasion.

Crafting the Monochromatic French

Creating this style is remarkably simple. The key resides in picking matching colors. Similar shades work best together, though this isn't a strict rule. Some stylists use the same color but in glossy and matte versions. To create this look, paint the plate with a color of your choice. Finish the tips with a similar, yet darker polish, then apply a hardener on the plate to protect the nails from damage.

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