EntertainmentHollywood stars join indie horror sensation "MaXXXine" this summer

Hollywood stars join indie horror sensation "MaXXXine" this summer

Mia Goth - star of "Maxxxine"
Mia Goth - star of "Maxxxine"
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6:31 AM EDT, June 6, 2024

Two years ago, the low-budget production "Pearl" appeared in theaters. Some critics considered it an excellent horror film, while others saw it as a remarkable psychological drama. The film earned the title of one of recent best independent cinema productions. Now, it's time for its continuation.

The history of this film series is extraordinary. It began with a movie titled "X". This film told the story of a group of aspiring filmmakers from the 80s who rent a house in remote Texas to shoot their first pornographic film. The eccentric and elderly hosts of the house quickly become interested in their guests, and their curiosity soon turns into a dangerous obsession. While the slasher received good reviews, it didn't revolutionize cinema.

A few months later, "Pearl" - the prequel to "X" - hit theaters, with its action taking place in 1918. The main character lives on a farm in Texas with her paralyzed father and despotic mother. She dreams of escaping the province and becoming a star. Critics noted that Pearl's story is about dreams and ambitions and falling into madness. What truly chills the blood here is the protagonist's face, quickly transforming from a child's rosy, kind face into the twisted visage of a lunatic with a pitchfork.

"Pearl" was showered with awards, including a Saturn Award for the best independent film. Mia Goth, the co-writer and lead actress, drew the most attention. Reviewers stated that there hasn't been a villain like this in years. The film also included references to classics, and since one of the props used by the protagonist is an axe, comparisons to Jack Nicholson's iconic role in "The Shining" emerged.

Hollywood stars in the third part

The final part of the trilogy is titled "MaXXXine". The action moves to the present day – Maxine (Mia Goth), the sole survivor of the massacre on the farm, continues her journey towards an acting career in the adult film industry. In the third installment, viewers will see her in Los Angeles, where she meets real Hollywood stars: Kevin Bacon, Michelle Monaghan, Elizabeth Debicki, and Lily Collins. Such a cast in an independent production testifies to the acclaim of the first two parts of the series.

The worldwide premiere of "MaXXXine" is scheduled for July 5. A new film trailer, which garnered nearly 1.4 million views within several hours, is already available online. According to film market analysts, this independent movie might become the unexpected hit of the summer season.

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