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Historic Titanic first-class dinner menu sold in UK auction

The picture shows the first class lounge in RMS Olympic, Titanic's sister ship.
The picture shows the first class lounge in RMS Olympic, Titanic's sister ship.
Images source: © Menu: Facebook: New York Times; Henry Aldridge & Son, Background: Robert Welch, Public domain

8:44 PM EST, November 25, 2023

On the night of April 11, 1912, first-class passengers aboard the Titanic indulged in a gourmet spread, which included oysters, salmon with hollandaise sauce, and lamb with mint sauce, among other exclusive dishes. In a revealing turn of events in November, a first-class menu was auctioned in England, providing insights into the titanic gastronomic delights savored just three days before the tragic incident.

Believed to be the only surviving first-class dinner menu from April 11, 1912, this exceptional relic was auctioned on November 11, 2023, at Henry Aldridge & Son Ltd in Wiltshire, UK. The auction house shed light on its unique significance, describing it as an “extraordinary survivor from the world's most famous liner” — visibly streaked with slight water damage.

Remarkable bid for Titanic's menu at auction

As reported by "The Guardian," the menu was discovered in a photo album from the 1960s. Once owned by Len Stephenson, a historian from Dominion, Nova Scotia, Canada, it was auctioned alongside other Titanic memorabilia, including an upscale, checkered deck blanket. Remarkably, the menu's auction price skyrocketed, fetching an impressive 84 thousand pounds, approximately 110 thousand dollars — far surpassing the initial estimated value.

A glimpse into the Titanic's first-class menu

The menu, distinguished by the embossed red flag of the White Star Line, reveals an extravagant feast enjoyed by the first-class guests after the ship's departure from Queenstown, Ireland, en route to New York. The lavish offerings comprised of appetizers of fresh oysters, main courses like duck with port wine sauce, spring lamb with mint sauce, and fillet of beef with horseradish cream. The meal was rounded off with exquisite desserts such as an apricot bourdaloue (a tart with French apricot cake), and Victoria pudding (a steamed pudding flavored with jam and mixed fruit peel).

The Titanic — recognized as the most luxurious liner in the world — boasted exceptional culinary offerings that significantly enhanced its allure. Apart from those dining in the à la carte restaurant, the price of meals was included in the ticket cost for almost all passengers.

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