NewsHIMARS strike on Russian convoy. Multiple soldiers killed

HIMARS strike on Russian convoy. Multiple soldiers killed

This is all that's left of the Russian convoy, which was hit by HIMARS. A real massacre occurred.
This is all that's left of the Russian convoy, which was hit by HIMARS. A real massacre occurred.
Images source: © Telegram
6:02 PM EDT, October 31, 2023

The Ukrainian Armed Forces effectively used battlefield reconnaissance and HIMARS rocket artillery to wreak havoc on a Russian convoy moving towards the front. Russian sources report that this resulted in the deaths of 120 soldiers, the majority of whom hailed from the Chuvash Republic. According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the 'Atoll' battalion was decimated and ten enemy vehicles were annihilated.

Since the inception of the war and ensuing attack on Ukraine, Ukrainian general staff reports a loss of 300,810 invading soldiers. The death toll among the Russians has been running into hundreds daily, often surpassing a thousand. This relentless shedding of blood has continued unchecked for weeks. Another group met the same fate while moving towards the frontlines, reminiscent of the scenes from the war's advent.

Tuesday's footage paints a grim picture, echoing the scenes from the initial weeks of the conflict. Extended convoys were en route to Kyiv, with Ukrainians setting up ambushes, and eliminating enemies with eagerness. A similar scenario unfolded on Sunday, October 29, during the dispatching of a mechanized rifle regiment from Russia to the front.

The Ukrainians anticipated their arrival and launched an attack on the vehicular columns with HIMARS.

An unparalleled massacre followed, with Russian sources acknowledging that approximately 120 soldiers lost their lives. The regiment in question is primarily composed of residents of Chuvashia, a republic located in the central region of the Russian Federation, with Cheboksary as its capital. Their mission turned out to be a gory affair, leading to the obliteration of the "Atoll" battalion fighting in the regiment.

The skirmishes on the front in recent weeks have been intensely brutal. The Russians have deployed the antiquated "meat grinder" tactics, reminiscent of World War II manoeuvres. Notwithstanding, these tactics have proven ineffective against modern weaponry such as HIMARS launchers, which have been adept at decimating invading forces, posing a lethal threat to them.

A relentless battle for Avdiivka, a strategically important town in the Donetsk region, continues unabated. Russians are striving to encircle and capture it, keen to flaunt their success on this front. The Ukrainians are putting up a spirited defense, determined not to be encircled and to destroy enemy resources and personnel.

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