NewsHIMARS in action. Russians' equipment completely destroyed

HIMARS in action. Russians' equipment completely destroyed

HIMARS in action. Nothing was left of the Russians' equipment.
HIMARS in action. Nothing was left of the Russians' equipment.
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6:41 AM EST, November 21, 2023

The Ukrainian Special Operations Forces recently released a recording showcasing the use of the HIMARS rocket launcher system. This advanced weaponry system was used to destroy Russian equipment stored in the Donetsk region.

For a time, the West held reservations about supplying HIMARS rocket launcher systems to Ukraine, primarily due to potential reactions from Russia. Nonetheless, American authorities provided 20 systems in the first year of the war. This addition allowed the Ukrainian army to attack targets several dozen miles away.

HIMARS Showcased in Action: Russians' Equipment Decimated

Original expectations suggested that the HIMARS system might alter the course of the war in Ukraine. In retrospect, this predicted shift did not materialize. Despite this, Kyiv's defenders experienced an increased capability to attack the enemy's rear positions. A striking example of this enhancement can be seen in the recording shared by the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces.

The Ukrainian military detected the movement of the R-149 AKSh command vehicle in the Donetsk region. The Russians typically use this vehicle to coordinate their units. Prompt decision-making led to the utiutilizingMARS system to eliminate both thader's equipment and their personnel.

Upon spotting the R-149 AKSh, the Ukrainian forces carried out additional reconnaissance. This led to the decision to engage the HIMARS system. The Russian truck was targeted as it attempted to take cover among the buildings in a Donetsk region village.

The shared recording shows the truck and its surrounding towers erupting into a fire column. This incident evidences the Ukrainian forces' successful destruction of Russian equipment and the elimination of nearby Russian soldiers.

It's worth noting that, as of February 2023, the "Washington Post" reported that nearly all Ukrainian attacks using HIMARS systems undergo coordination and agreement with American army officials. This decision was driven by the United States' intent to ensure Kyiv didn't make any errors. The American involvement carries significant weight since they often supply varying types of intelligence information to the Ukrainian army.

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