HealthHimalayan gold: The fungus that can boost your brain, libido, and battle cancer

Himalayan gold: The fungus that can boost your brain, libido, and battle cancer

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2:21 PM EST, January 10, 2024

Cordyceps is a genus of fungi that hails from Asia, informally known as 'Himalayan gold.'

Due to its broad spectrum of health benefits, cordyceps has been a staple in Eastern natural medicine for a lengthy period. It contains various components: vitamins C and E, B group vitamins, mineral compounds, oleic and linoleic acid, hypoxanthine, ergosterol, and cordycepin. Due to its blend of valuable elements, it exhibits antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral characteristics.

Cordyceps is an abundant source of antioxidants, which slow down our body's natural aging process while also shielding us from the detrimental effects of free radicals and the growth of cancer cells within the body. Cordyceps extract aids in regulating blood glucose levels and boosts insulin sensitivity, resulting in its effectiveness in treating insulin resistance and diabetes. Additionally, it positively impacts potency and libido, optimizes the immune system's function, aids in body detoxification, and enhances concentration.

It boosts muscle endurance and exercise performance and provides energy, making it particularly beneficial for individuals who regularly engage in exercise or perform intense physical work daily. However, please note that overconsumption of cordyceps should be avoided (0.1-0.2 ounces per day is the recommended dose). Ingesting excessive amounts could cause recurring diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive issues.

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