NewsHighest level of alert in France. Barbaric crime

Highest level of alert in France. Barbaric crime

Emmanuel Macron appeared at the site of the attack in Arras.
Emmanuel Macron appeared at the site of the attack in Arras.
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7:53 AM EDT, October 14, 2023

A Chechen with Russian citizenship slit a teacher's throat at a high school in Arras, France. Due to the attack and fears of bringing the conflict between Israel and Hamas onto French territory, the safety alert has been raised to the highest level there.

France has raised its security alert level to the highest. This decision was made following a knife attack that took place in the city of Arras, as well as due to growing concerns that the conflict between Israel and Hamas may be transferred onto French territory. The head of France's Ministry of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, announced this decision on Friday, appealing to "all French people" to exercise caution.

The attack on a high school in Arras in northern France, in which a Chechen with Russian citizenship slit a teacher's throat, was the result of "barbaric Islamist terrorism" - said President Emmanuel Macron, adding that the police helped foil another attack in a different location in France.

- The murdered teacher came forward to protect others and undoubtedly saved many human lives - emphasized Macron.

The media reported that the police also arrested a second knifeman on Friday, who planned an attack in another city in France.

The perpetrator of the knife attack in Arras, Mohammed Mogouczkow, was known for his connections with radical Islam. During the attack, the aggressor shouted "Allahu akbar".

Head of the Ministry of Interior Gerald Darmanin, in an interview given to the television station TF1, assured that "there is no clear threat". Nonetheless, as he noted, there is a "negative atmosphere", which is associated with Hamas attacks on Israel. The Minister stressed that this is a situation requiring increased vigilance.

Darmanin added that as part of the actions aimed at increasing security, "there will be several thousand additional soldiers" who will support the police and gendarmerie in monitoring shopping centers. The aim of these actions is to protect all French people in their daily lives.

The Minister also stated that there is "undoubtedly" a link between the attack in Arras and the situation in the Middle East. Darmanin resolutely announced that he will not hesitate in the fight against radical Islam, saying: - My hand will not tremble.

The Minister of the Interior added that so far, 43 attacks have been thwarted.

Darmanin also confirmed that the attacker responsible for the attack in Arras was "under telephone surveillance". However, the surveillance did not show any hint that the attacker was planning any attack.

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