LifestyleHigh demand causes dress to sell out in stores and inflate prices in auctions

High demand causes dress to sell out in stores and inflate prices in auctions

The customers went crazy about the dress from the chain store.
The customers went crazy about the dress from the chain store.
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8:16 PM EST, November 26, 2023

The sequined mini-dress with a black bow has captured the hearts of TikTok users. Its widespread popularity has made the dress sell out quickly and become a valuable commodity at auctions in the hands of those seeking to profit from its demand.

Despite debates over its composition, the dress has stirred a frenzy among TikTok users. Its demand has reached such heights that it has become the most coveted dress from a chain store. Finding it in a physical store feels almost magical. Some savvy online shoppers have seen this as an opportunity, buying up stock to later sell them online, making a hefty profit.

An unprecedented craze: Chain store dress becomes a hit

The dress, simple in its white design and adorned with sequins and long sleeves, has become an object of desire for thousands of women. Its distinctive black bow at the back adds a striking feature. Fashion enthusiasts relentlessly inquire about this specific model in stores, which never seems to be in stock.

It seems that those observant of TikTok trends, among other things, were quick to exploit. Many bought the dress with the sole intention of later selling it for a higher price. In the chain store, this glittering garment could be purchased for under $66.17.

Yet, fashion enthusiasts on social media are willing to shell out even $178.39 for it. Online auctions for the viral dress quote prices several hundred higher than the original chain store version.

Trendy or tacky? Opinions vary

Even though the dress is extremely popular and is on the wish list of many women, a large group considers it gauche. Critics of the "plastic clothes" trend also point out its composition - over 90% polyester with a small addition of spandex - is not worth its $66.17 price tag, let alone the auction prices which go up to $254.84.

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