TechHidden tricks to maximize your car mirrors for safer driving

Hidden tricks to maximize your car mirrors for safer driving

Hidden tricks to maximize your car mirrors for safer driving
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1:26 PM EDT, June 7, 2024

Every driver knows how essential car mirrors are when making maneuvers and how much they increase our safety on the road. However, mirrors have more functions than one might think. Here are some tricks that will make life even more accessible.

Car mirrors can significantly ease road navigation, although not everyone realizes how much can be seen in them. Maintaining good visibility through mirrors ensures greater driving comfort, which is particularly important during difficult conditions like fog or rain. If you're wondering how to utilize car mirrors fully, these four tricks are for you.

Hidden functions of car mirrors

Parking can be difficult, especially for beginner drivers. Side mirrors make it much easier to assess a vehicle's distance from the curb. Just look at the left mirror; when its bottom edge aligns with the curb line, you can safely brake. This allows you to park exactly where you want, leaving about 4 inches of space in front of the vehicle.

Another little-known trick is to watch the mirrors while reversing. To perfectly back into a parking spot, spot the parking space's or garage's angle in the mirror. This allows you to automatically align the car without needing to correct the position multiple times.

Rearview mirrors are also indispensable when pulling out of a parking spot. They help you precisely judge when to turn to avoid collisions with your car and others. If the mirror is level with another car's headlight, it's the right moment to perform the maneuver.

How else to use car mirrors?

Side mirrors are also invaluable when merging into traffic or changing lanes. Dividing the mirror into right and left sides helps avoid the so-called blind spot, which can be difficult for beginner drivers to estimate. Looking at the right side of the mirror enables you to see oncoming vehicles – if they're far away, you can safely merge into traffic; if they're already on the left side, it's better to wait until they pass.

Applying these simple tricks will make driving easier and safer. Car mirrors will no longer be just accessories but will be crucial in enhancing our comfort and confidence behind the wheel.

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