LifestyleHidden in plain sight: Can you spot the woman's face in this Instagram optical illusion?

Hidden in plain sight: Can you spot the woman's face in this Instagram optical illusion?

Do you see what the illusion hides?
Do you see what the illusion hides?
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5:08 AM EST, January 30, 2024, updated: 4:39 AM EST, March 7, 2024

According to their designers, optical illusions can tell us a lot about ourselves. The image below purports to gauge viewers' IQ levels. Supposedly, only those with high IQs can see the concealed message. Do you see anything beyond simple lines in the image? Great! But remember to approach optical illusions with some skepticism for balanced judgment.

A puzzling picture can test your IQ

In the graphic below, the creator has hidden a woman's face in the fluctuating lines. The artist suggests that if we can spot and identify this face, it might indicate a high IQ. As we continue to examine the image, the lines seem to waver increasingly, making the challenge more difficult. However, it's not impossible. Many Instagram users confirmed they successfully identified the hidden figure.

If we can detect the woman's face within a maximum of ten seconds, it might hint at an above-average IQ. If the undulating black and white bands reveal nothing to you, don't fret. This is an exceptional visual riddle that can easily cause dizziness

Optical illusions: A trending pastime

All sorts of visual puzzles have stormed the internet. Instagram and TikTok are rife with various challenges designed to test our observational skills. Simply input the right keywords into the search bar, and you'll find a wide array of illusions, similar or unique. Some aim to reveal certain character traits. Users who attempt these puzzles often express surprise at their accuracy, however subjective. The best way to judge is to see it for yourself or rather through your own eyes.

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