TechShake your smartphone and see what happens. Here's a hidden feature

Shake your smartphone and see what happens. Here's a hidden feature

Smartphones have "hidden" features.
Smartphones have "hidden" features.
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3:26 PM EDT, October 22, 2023, updated: 4:58 AM EDT, October 23, 2023

In today's age, cell phone manufacturers are in competition with each other, striving to introduce newer and more innovative features to their devices. However, many of these features remain unknown to the majority of users. An example of such a "hidden feature" is the ability to shake an iPhone.

As new smartphone models and operating system updates emerge, users may feel overwhelmed by the number of new features and conveniences. The manufacturers of these devices are constantly striving to introduce new solutions that can surprise even the most experienced technology users. However, sometimes, some of these features, although they seem simple and intuitive, are not used at all because no one is aware of their existence.

One of the manufacturers that has prepared an interesting feature for their customers is the company, Apple. It turns out that iPhones are devices that respond not only to touch screen, but also to movement. In practice, this means that while typing on an iPhone, you can shake it.

Have you ever wondered what will happen when you shake your iPhone? Suddenly a message will appear on the screen, asking the user if they want to undo the input of a given phrase. However, the decision on whether or not to use this feature must be made traditionally, by clicking on the screen.

The situation is slightly more complicated when it comes to Android phones. For these devices, motion-related features depend on the specific manufacturer. For example, in Motorola smartphones, shaking the phone affects the flashlight operation and the camera activation. Those who do not have a phone with the motion response feature can use the Shake Me application.

It's worth noting that some apps also use the shake phone function. This is a popular way of reporting errors in applications such as Microsoft Office, Facebook or Google Maps.

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