TechHidden cameras in hotel rooms: How to spot them and ensure a safe stay

Hidden cameras in hotel rooms: How to spot them and ensure a safe stay

Camera under the mirror
Camera under the mirror
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5:49 PM EST, December 17, 2023

The holiday season often involves leaving home and embarking on a vacation. Many of us opt to stay in rented rooms, apartments, or hotels during this time. Naturally, we want the experience to be safe, peaceful, and relaxing. Unfortunately, some people aren't aware of possible hidden dangers, like concealed cameras. We're here to advise on how you can spot them.

Where might you find hidden cameras?

No one appreciates being spied on without their knowledge and permission. Perpetrators of such invasions of privacy are well aware of this, so they don't usually place cameras in plain sight. Cameras are typically hidden in innocuous features of a room, such as places that appear innocent at first glance. The advancement of technology and device miniaturization offer them numerous options.

For example, an intriguing video surfaced on TikTok showcasing a hidden camera within a smoke detector – an ideal vantage point for full room coverage, including bathrooms. Nevertheless, there are various other possible camera hiding spots. These include clocks, electrical outlets, lamp holders, hangers, stuffed animals, and even air fresheners.

How do you detect a hidden camera in a hotel?

Pinpointing these hidden devices is a challenging task. The smaller and more ingeniously placed the camera, the more difficult it is to detect. It's worth noting that modern technology can create profoundly tiny surveillance tools that are tough to spot.

Your first step should be to conduct a meticulous survey of the room. If you notice anything suspicious, you might opt to cover or turn away potential camera-bearing objects. You could also use a specialist detection app like LAPD (Laser-Assisted Photography Detection), which employs ToF (Time of Flight) sensors to unearth hidden cameras. These sensors, found on some smartphones, work by emitting a laser beam and detecting reflections typical of hidden cameras.

However, encountering hidden cameras is not a typical occurrence. No respected establishment would risk the scandal that could ensue upon discovering such a discrete device. When staying in unfamiliar territory, common sense is perhaps the greatest guard against potential surveillance. If we refrain from compromising situations, we minimize the risk of unwelcome footage.

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