NewsHezbollah's hidden arsenal: The Russian-made Jachont missiles rattle the mediterranean

Hezbollah's hidden arsenal: The Russian-made Jachont missiles rattle the mediterranean

Oniks missile flight - illustrative picture
Oniks missile flight - illustrative picture
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1:59 PM EST, November 9, 2023

As per information sourced from the Reuters agency, Lebanese political and military organization Hezbollah is equipped with anti-ship missiles, including the Russian-made Jachont missiles that have a range of up to 186 miles. According to the statements from Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah, the group may pose a significant threat to United States warships.

Reuters reported on Wednesday evening that Hezbollah is bolstering its force with an advanced anti-ship weaponry arsenal. The sources for this information are affiliates from Lebanon who are knowledgeable in matters regarding this group's arsenal. It has been speculated by the media and some analysts that Hezbollah may have acquired Jachont missiles in Syria, where Russia has a military presence. However, there has been no official confirmation by Hezbollah thus far.

Last Friday, Nasrallah voiced his view on the presence of US navy ships in the Mediterranean Sea, a recent development that followed the conflict in the Gaza Strip. He asserted that Hezbollah "is not afraid" of these ships and is fully "prepared" to counter them.

Jachont missiles: A versatile weapon with a range of 186 miles

This supersonic missile, also known by the export name P-800 Onyx or NATO's code SS-N-26 Strobile, is a Russian creation that can be launched from various types of vehicles. This versatility enables the Onyx to be fired from the ground, aircraft decks, or surface and underwater vessels.

The Jachont was introduced into service in 1999 as an outcome of the Soviet Union's research on tactical missiles. It was conceived to supplant older models of similar type, the P-270 Moskit and P-700 Granit.

A notable feature of the P-800 Onyx missile is its two-stage propulsion system: an initial solid fuel rocket unit or booster, and a follow-up liquid fuel jet engine. A single Jachont missile can attain a speed of 2.5 Mach and strike a target up to 186 miles away from its launch site. It utilizes radar and active-passive systems for direction. An Onyx missile is approximately 29.5 feet long, has a diameter of just over 20.9 inches and weighs almost 4.4 tons.

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