TechHezbollah's concrete launchers: A new threat to Northern Israel

Hezbollah's concrete launchers: A new threat to Northern Israel

Concrete multi-launch rocket system of Hezbollah.
Concrete multi-launch rocket system of Hezbollah.
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10:48 AM EDT, July 5, 2024

Hezbollah, a crucial part of Lebanon's fragile government, has shown how it can repurpose building materials for offensive uses. For example, cement can be used not only for constructing infrastructure or homes but also for creating launchers for 4.8-inch rockets aimed at northern Israeli territory.

Hezbollah is a Shia political group heavily supported by Iran, similar to other Shia groups in the region. Unlike Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip, Hezbollah operates from the relative safety of Lebanon, making it a well-trained and better-equipped adversary.

According to estimates by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Hezbollah has a militia comprising about 20,000 active members, with a similar number in reserve. By 2021, Hezbollah was reported to have a stockpile of 130,000 various rockets, ranging from unguided munitions with ranges of tens of miles to ballistic missiles with ranges of hundreds of miles.

The first category includes, for example, 4.8-inch rockets for BM-21 Grad multiple-launch rocket systems with ranges of up to 12 miles or 24 miles, depending on the missiles. It also includes BM-27 Uragan systems that fire 8.7-inch rockets with ranges of up to 37 miles. Below, you can see a concrete multiple-launch rocket launcher for 4.8-inch rockets.

Hezbollah's concrete rocket launcher with firepower equivalent to BM-21 Grad

Hezbollah's creation is most likely stationary, more prominent, and heavier than the BM-21 Grad launcher, but it possesses the same firepower because it houses 40 rockets with a range likely around 12 miles. In theory, it is possible to fire up to 24 miles using new missiles such as the Serbian G-2000, though this is unlikely.

The rockets used are unguided, and each contains a fragmentation-explosive warhead weighing 39-42 pounds, characterized by a blast radius of several dozen yards. This provides tremendous destructive capabilities when 40 rockets are launched in 20 seconds. Additionally, such a system can be used for remote road mining using rockets with a cluster warhead containing PTM-3 mines.

For this reason, concrete launchers could pose a severe problem for Israel if it decided to attack Lebanon with ground forces. Hezbollah could use them to shell cities in northern Israel or provide substantial artillery support.

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