NewsHezbollah: We destroyed the Israeli Merkava. The entire crew perished

Hezbollah: We destroyed the Israeli Merkava. The entire crew perished

Israeli tank Merkava
Israeli tank Merkava
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1:46 PM EDT, October 18, 2023

The Lebanese party Hezbollah has announced troubling news. Their resistance forces reportedly tracked and then destroyed, an Israeli tank. As a result of the attack, the entire crew lost their lives.

Considered by many countries, including the USA, to be a terrorist group, the Lebanese party Hezbollah reported on Wednesday information about locating a Merkava tank. It was believed to belong to Israel. According to information released by the Saba agency, the tank was destroyed, and all its crew members are dead.

The situation is becoming increasingly tense

According to the party's statement, the mentioned situation occurred at the al-Raheb border, near the town of Aita al-Shaab. The attack was very precise. The hit was supposed to be direct, and its effect was not only a destroyed military vehicle, but also the death of its entire crew.

This is not the first such attack since the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas. Hezbollah claims that an enemy vehicle was attacked in al-Metulla on Tuesday. A tank in the Ramim barracks is also said to have been the victim of the resistance party.

The attack on the Merkava tank took place after the Hezbollah group announced the death of five of its members in clashes with enemy forces. This occurred on Tuesday, on the border strip between occupied Palestine and Lebanon.

"Day of unprecedented anger"

Hezbollah declared Wednesday a "day of unprecedented rage". The initiative is directed against Israel and the planned visit there by the President of the United States, Joe Biden. The flashpoint for this decision was a recent attack on a hospital in Gaza, in which - according to Palestinian authorities - about 500 people were killed.

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