NewsHezbollah politician's son killed in Lebanon attack

Hezbollah politician's son killed in Lebanon attack

Abbas Raad
Abbas Raad
Images source: © Hezbollah media
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11:22 AM EST, November 23, 2023

An Israeli airstrike took the lives of at least five Hezbollah fighters, including notable politician Mohamed Raad's son, Abbas Raad, in the village of Beit Yahoun situated in southern Lebanon. These fighters belonged to the elite unit of the organization. Information is attributed to reliable sources within Hezbollah and Lebanese security circles.

Abbas Raad was among those killed during the attack. His father, Mohamed Raad, is a significant member of Hezbollah and represents this party in the Lebanese parliament.

Israel's attack in Lebanon

The Israeli army affirmed that it carried out an attack on several targets in southern Lebanon on Wednesday night. Among the targets were infrastructure areas, fire positions, and what they referred to as a 'terrorist cell' of Hezbollah.

Following a Palestinian Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, the frequency of fire exchange on the Israel-Lebanon border seems to have increased. Israeli forces consistently report responding to gunfire from Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon, who are reportedly supported by Iran.

The Intensifying Situation

To date, Hezbollah hasn't announced its large-scale involvement in the ongoing war. However, the situation on the Israel-Lebanon border continues to escalate, with Hezbollah's involvement adding a new layer of complexity.

Just hours after the attack, rockets from Lebanon targeted the northern part of Israel. The Israeli army responded by bombing areas near the Lebanese border towns of Shihin and Al-Jebin.

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