LifestyleHer dance at the wedding shocked the internet. Video already has 32 million views

Her dance at the wedding shocked the internet. Video already has 32 million views

The bride surprised her husband with a dance.
The bride surprised her husband with a dance.
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8:42 AM EDT, October 4, 2023, updated: 8:58 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

Although a wedding usually has a predictable scenario, it also allows for surprises. Performances that newlyweds give to each other are becoming increasingly popular. This can be seen in one of the hit recordings on YouTube.

Surprises that young newlyweds make for each other during the wedding ceremony or reception are increasingly common. There are many possibilities - it can be, for example, a secret choice of a song important to the other half, if the wedding is in a church. Meanwhile, at the wedding reception, a trend is becoming the bride's dance for the groom or vice versa.

She surprised her husband at the wedding. The recording is a hit on the internet

A video of a surprise dance by a certain bride has caused quite a stir on the internet. She decided to prepare a dance routine for her newlywed husband, in which her friends accompanied her.


The movie of this event is a phenomenon on the internet. It has been viewed by over 32 million users already. Even though the recording is seven years old, moved internet users are still leaving comments under it.

"The groom can't take his eyes off his wife, even though other women are dancing. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a loyal man", "The fact that she gave birth to two children and still looks exactly the same and still has that energy, baffles me. I've watched this over 10 times", "I still haven't seen better" - we read.

Surprises at weddings are a new trend? They are causing a sensation

Recordings of creative and touching surprises during a wedding and reception are extremely popular. A TikToker experienced this herself when she danced for her beloved in the company of her friends. She chose to dance to Rihanna's hit, S&M, "I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at this".

Husbands are also increasingly deciding to put on a real show for their wives. In one of the videos, we see the groom dance in the company of his friends to a funny arrangement of popular hits. The video also caused delight among internet users - it has already been viewed over 8.2 million times.

Groomsmen Dance // Surprise dance from the Groom for the Bride!

Often, the young couple also decides on a special first dance and prepares a surprise for their guests. The routines they have practiced are true masterpieces. The wedding guests can almost feel like they're at a dance show, and recordings on social media make a big splash. This was the case for a certain couple who danced their first dance to the famous hit from "Dirty Dancing", "Time of my life". Their video accumulated 21 million views.

Dirty Dancing wedding dance choreography - Time of my life and First dance - Aneta and Patryk Rejmer

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