NewsHer adult sons didn't think of moving out. Finally, she did that one thing

Her adult sons didn't think of moving out. Finally, she did that one thing

The woman had enough of living with her sons / Illustrative photo
The woman had enough of living with her sons / Illustrative photo
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6:44 PM EDT, October 27, 2023

An Italian mother sought court support after her adult sons refused to leave her home. Despite being in their 40s, the sons remained reliant on their mother, forcing her to take drastic measures for their independence.

A 75-year-old woman in Pavia, a city in Lombardy, Northern Italy, took drastic steps as she got tired of living with her two adult sons. Despite their ages of 40 and 42, they declined to assume adult responsibilities, continuing to live with her.

After failed attempts to inspire them to seek independence, she had no other choice but to seek legal intervention, hoping it could achieve what her numerous persuasions couldn't.

Furthermore, the sons contributed neither materially nor physically to the running of the house. Even though they were both working, they did not participate in any household chores or contribute towards the house expenses.

As reported by the local newspaper "La Provincia Pavese", the desperate mother took legal action against her own sons. Her objective was to compel them to move out of their family home. Upon hearing her case, the judge was sympathetic and issued an eviction order for the sons who are required to vacate by December 18.

The judge grounded his decision on the fact that the obligation of parents to support their children–as dictated by law–does not apply in this circumstance as the sons are already grown men in their forties.

This extreme situation illustrates a widespread phenomenon in Italy. Many adult children continue to reside in their parents' homes, lacking the desire for independence. This reluctance is often attributed to the lack of financial and professional stability. Locals term such individuals as "bamboccioni", translating loosely to "big babies".

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