NewsHelicopter crash in Swiss Alps claims lives, spurs massive rescue operation

Helicopter crash in Swiss Alps claims lives, spurs massive rescue operation

The helicopter slid down the slope in the Alps.
The helicopter slid down the slope in the Alps.
Images source: © Press materials, Police of the Canton of Valais

6:23 AM EDT, April 4, 2024

The helicopter, transporting a mountain guide and a group of skiers, slid off the slope during a landing attempt. As many as seven helicopters were deployed in the rescue operation to assist the injured. There were fatalities and injuries reported. The local police and prosecutor's office are set to investigate the incident.

A tragic incident unfolded in the Swiss Alps on Tuesday. A helicopter carrying a mountain guide and a group of tourists to a popular skiing location crashed in the mountains.

According to The Guardian newspaper, the aircraft carried the pilot, a mountain guide, and four tourists, the identities of whom have yet to be disclosed.

Seven rescue helicopters were swiftly sent to the crash site, which facilitated the transportation of two injured individuals to the hospital. Another person was rescued shortly after that.

Regrettably, the incident resulted in three fatalities.

The authorities from the canton of Valais are investigating the cause of the accident. They aim to ascertain why the helicopter could not land safely and slid off the intended landing site near the Petit Combin mountain. The local and national police and prosecutor's office are leading the investigation.

Another tragedy strikes the Alps

Another sorrowful event has occurred in the Alps. The day before, an avalanche engulfed a group of skiers near the Riffelberg train station in Zermatt. According to the Reuters agency, citing an official statement, three people died, and one was injured. The search for any additional victims has been suspended.

Four helicopters were engaged in the search operation. The Valais police reported that heavy snowfall impeded rescue efforts in the search area.

Regional authorities have issued warnings about a high avalanche risk, and the Swiss Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research has urged tourists to exercise extra caution due to the risk of "very large, sudden avalanches."

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