FoodHealthy homemade gummies: A simple recipe with just two ingredients

Healthy homemade gummies: A simple recipe with just two ingredients

Homemade gummy bears
Homemade gummy bears
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6:37 PM EDT, June 3, 2024

These homemade gummies with just two ingredients will make your kids turn away from store-bought treats. Not only are they a healthier alternative to highly processed candies, but they are also a truly delicious dessert that even adults will appreciate.

In my spare time, especially during the fruit and vegetable season, I take out the juicer and squeeze fresh, delicious juices. Kids love the sweetest ones, so I often make homemade gummies using strawberry or apple juice. I also enjoy eating them; we've already forgotten about the store-bought ones.

Why should you make homemade gummies?

Although "fruit-flavored," gummies are not the best choice for the youngest. They are considered highly processed products, rich in simple sugars, artificial colorings, and flavors. On an industrial scale, gummies are made from sugar syrups, water, and gelatin. In many cases, they don't have much to do with actual fruit.

Preparing homemade treats won't be a problem; you'll know exactly what your kids are eating. You will need fruit juice and agar (or gelatin). It's best not to sweeten the juice, as the fruits contain natural sugar. Agar (agar-agar) is a plant-based gelatin substitute made from algae. It's good to know that agar sets at 90-95°F (32-35°C).

Homemade gummies with two ingredients: recipe


Make gummy candies at home, and children won't even look at store-bought ones.
Make gummy candies at home, and children won't even look at store-bought ones.© Pixabay
  • 8 fl oz fruit juice
  • 1 teaspoon agar


  1. Pour the fruit juice into a pan and add agar. Mix everything and let it sit for 5 minutes to allow the agar to swell.
  2. Start heating the mixture over low heat, stirring continuously.
  3. When the agar dissolves, remove the pan from the stove and pour its contents into silicone molds or ice cube trays.
  4. Let the gummies cool down. You can put them in the refrigerator, although they will also be set at room temperature.
  5. It's best to consume them within two days.
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