NewsHe was asked a question and couldn't help himself. Ugly behaviour from a former star

He was asked a question and couldn't help himself. Ugly behaviour from a former star

In the photo: Mario Balotelli
In the photo: Mario Balotelli
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10:49 AM EDT, October 6, 2023

Recently, Mario Balotelli was a guest on the Italian show "TV Play". When asked about an offer from Paris Saint-Germain, he made an ugly gesture before responding, which is currently widely commented on.

The football career of Mario Balotelli is slowly coming to an end. However, it must be admitted outright that it was not the one he had dreamed of. Admittedly, he represented teams like Inter Milan, Manchester City, AC Milan, and Liverpool FC, but he did not become a world-class footballer there.

If that wasn't enough, he experienced a significant regression. As a result, in recent years he's been playing in clubs that don't represent the strength of any leagues. In 2021, he had the chance to compete in Italy's Serie A, but within the same year he decided to move to Turkey. He became a new football player for Adana Demirspor. He then moved to Swiss club FC Sion, but due to a conflict, he returned to his previous team.

Balotelli is known for often doing things that were unbecoming of a soccer player. This was the case both on and off the field. The Italian did not win the favor of coach Roberto Mancini, who had the opportunity to coach him at Manchester City. Additionally, he did not heed the advice of Jose Mourinho, thus weakening Inter Milan.

There's now a lot of talk about the 33-year-old again due to his recent behavior. All it took was one question for him to make an obscene gesture.

For he was a guest on the Italian show "TV Play" and received a question, would he, in the future, accept an offer from the French giant, namely Paris Saint-Germain. Balotelli first showed... the middle finger, and then he responded.

- There's no chance. No way, because in the past I played in Marseille and Nice - confessed the footballer.

The journalist, however, decided to ask the question again but slightly modified. He added, what his decision would be, if a salary of around 11.9 million dollars per year was at stake.

- Well, I would accept such an offer. For 10 million euros, I would even go to my brother's team and play right there - he said with a smile on his face, immediately changing his mind.

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