LifestyleHe tried to embarrass her at the gym. She reacted immediately

He tried to embarrass her at the gym. She reacted immediately

The influencer recorded the man's behavior at the gym.
The influencer recorded the man's behavior at the gym.
Images source: © Instagram | hudabubbaaa
11:28 AM EDT, October 7, 2023

Huda Mustafa is an influencer who encourages her followers to engage in physical activity. Huda herself works out at the gym. Recently, the woman experienced an unpleasant situation in the training room. Everything was captured on camera.

Influencer Huda Mustafa recently shared with TikTok users what she experienced at the gym. The woman tried to record one of her gym workouts. Suddenly, an unknown man appeared in the camera frame, who began inappropriately comment the training woman. Huda quickly dealt with the culprit.

He approached and tried to embarrass her. She handled him masterfully

A TikTok user was just getting ready for her workout. She sat on the floor to fix the laces on her shoes when suddenly an unfamiliar man approached her.

The following dialogue ensued between the influencer and a stranger:

- You got a whole ass camera.

- Huh?

- You got a whole ass camera? Oh my God, you're doing way too much.

- What do you mean?

- It' extra. Alright, you're not doing to much - repeated the man, while the woman was looking at him, wondering what he was really up to.

After the awkward silence, the stranger added that he "was more like talking shit, but it is what it is".

- Don't talk shit, it's not ccute - the influencer replied.

The man insisted that his comments were only jokes. The woman, on the other hand, emphasized that the words he spoke were definitely out of place.

"Spot-on responses"

After the man left Huda alone, the influencer continued her warm-up and discussed in the video what exercises she would be doing that day. The video appeared on TikTok, where netizens did not hide the fact that the stranger's behavior was disgusting. They praised the author of the material for how she responded to the man.

"Sharp responses"; "What do you mean is such a powerful move, because when people have to elaborate their thought, they back off. I love it!"; "I'd trip over my own words! Good that you stand up for yourself" - we can read these in the comments.

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