LifestyleHe showed the "penis village". Women go there to get pregnant

He showed the "penis village". Women go there to get pregnant

The village of Sopsokha is one of the weirdest places on Earth.
The village of Sopsokha is one of the weirdest places on Earth.
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9:51 AM EDT, September 30, 2023, updated: 9:12 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

The village of Sopsokha in Bhutan may seem unremarkable from a distance - it is beautifully situated amidst rice terraces. However, once we enter its streets, a surprising sight awaits. There are male genitals painted on the walls of buildings, including temples...

Bhutan, located in South Asia, in the eastern Himalayas, borders China and India, and its official name, Druk Yul, means Dragon Kingdom. Bhutanese people call themselves Druk Pa, or Dragon people.

Bhutan - the most expensive country in the world?

Bhutan is considered the most expensive country for tourists in the world, due to fees amounting to 200 dollars per day associated with supporting the sustainable development of the country. They have been in effect since the reopening of borders after the pandemic in September 2022.

Despite high fees, there is no shortage of people willing to visit a country that is also considered the happiest in the world.

Bhutan - extraordinary "village of penises"

Among the incredible places you can see there is Sopsokha, also known as... "the village of penises". Daniel Pinto, a Portuguese influencer, recently spoke about this unusual attraction on the SWNS platform.

"Sopsokha in Bhutan"
"Sopsokha in Bhutan"© Adobe Stock | Emad Aljumah

The traveler visited 121 countries, but as he admits himself, Sopsokha is the strangest place he's been. - "It's a very beautiful traditional Bhutanese village, surrounded by rice fields, but the closer you get, the stranger it becomes," Daniel stated.

Buildings throughout the village are adorned with phalluses. They are also plentiful in the temple. - In the middle, there's a huge golden Buddha surrounded by phalluses of all shapes and sizes - reports Pinto.

In Sopsokha, there is also the Chimi Lhakhang temple, known as the fertility temple. Many families make pilgrimages to it, and women trying to conceive receive a wooden phallus and must circle the building three times to ensure a quick pregnancy.

Sopsokha is an extraordinary place in Bhutan.
Sopsokha is an extraordinary place in Bhutan.© Getty Images, | This image is subject to copyright.

- In the temple, you can also find pictures of couples who struggled to conceive, and then went to the village and soon afterwards, they succeeded - Daniel narrates.

Visitors to the village can also buy many souvenirs inspired by male genitals.

- The most interesting thing is definitely the souvenir shop, which sells penis dolls in all shapes, sizes, and colors - Daniel narrates. - There were t-shirts, posters and literally everything you can imagine in the shape or image of a penis.

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