NewsHe saw rockets in the sky. Two different reactions of a Palestinian

He saw rockets in the sky. Two different reactions of a Palestinian

The reaction of a Palestinian when he saw rockets
The reaction of a Palestinian when he saw rockets
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9:12 AM EDT, October 23, 2023

Another phase of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is ongoing. The war is taking place not only in the real world, but also on the internet. Both sides are trying to present their arguments, while simultaneously showing the brutality of the opponent. In recent hours, a video showing the reaction of a Hamas supporter to the sight of rockets has been spreading across the network. Netizens noticed a difference.

A new round of war between Hamas and Israel began on October 7. The former carried out a brutal attack on the civilian population in the south of the country. The Hamas offensive was accompanied by rocket fire. 1.4 thousand people located in Israel were killed.

The armed forces of this country did not wait long. On the same day, as part of the retaliation, the shelling of targets in the Gaza Strip began. Unfortunately, Israel's attack also resulted in civilian casualties. It is still ongoing.

Over 4,000 people have already died on the Palestinian side. The Israeli army is waiting for the opportunity to conduct a military offensive that will crush Hamas once and for all.

The recording with the Palestinian is spreading across the network

A war rages on both sides not only in the kinetic dimension, with the use of available weapons, but also an informational war. Millions of people comment every day on the internet about what is happening in the Middle East.

Thousands of materials are being published on social media, which are supposed to show the truth of both sides. They also reveal the cruelty of war.

Both sides of the conflict brutally and ruthlessly strive to achieve their goals. They view the same events from different perspectives. A perfect example is the behavior of the Palestinian, whose face appeared in a recording that is popular on X (Twitter).

The sight of rockets being fired by Hamas towards Israel pleased him immensely. The man cheers, watching the missiles cut through the sky above the Gaza Strip.

The man had a completely different reaction when he saw Israel's response. When the Armed Forces of this country began bombing targets in the Gaza Strip, a Hamas supporter published a recording in which he is reduced to tears.

Many more tears will flow if Israel decides to carry out a military operation in the Gaza Strip. The attack seemed a matter of time, but the Armed Forces are currently delaying the invasion start.

Unfortunately, the entry of Israelis into the Gaza Strip could lead to a long and exhausting war, which may result in a humanitarian disaster and numerous victims on both sides. However, Israel is determined to ultimately destroy the Hamas nest.

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